Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Boost Guage: Garrett 30 PSI

Garrett 30 psi Boost Gauge

It is seriously an amazing gauge. The readings are accurate, even if you dont use the anti-buzz fitting that they give you. Also, it fits in the New South Performance steering column pod perfectly. $47 is a sweet deal for such a great gauge. Check out a quick vid that I posted up:

Ordered from:

APR Stage 3

Come this July, Ill be sealing the deal with APR Stage 3. The quality of the kit look outstanding, and although the price seems a little much, I've got a very good feeling that it ill put down some serious numbers.

Look at what you get for the cash!

To say the very least, APR has put considerable though and work into the development of this kit.

APR Claims:

382 crank HP on 93 Octane

Finally, meet the snail of the hour...APR utilized a GT2871R by Garrett. The Stage 3 software supposedly requests from 20-22 psi. Once you hit the request, its supposed to hold it all the way through redline. The 2871R is an amazing turbo, perfectly suited for the 2.0TFSI platform. Paired with DSG, theres no doubt that I'll be making some impressive numbers.

I'll have more up close info come July 2010, stay tuned!

APR Stage 4 Development


As you might already know, APR is squeezing even more power out of the FSI platform. The expected numbers are rediculous!

436 WHP out of a FWD application is over 500 crank HP!

So far, we know that APR Stage 4 will consist of all the components of APR Stage 3 (, low compression pistons (I think somewhere around 8:3:1), stronger rods, and cams.

Here are a few vids of this beast in action. This gives us an indication of whats to come.