Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Day at the Track

I got a chance to go to Raceway Park the other day in Englishtown NJ. I posted up a nice little vid showing off some great looking cars that I saw:

STi- no time
Evo- no time
92 Typhoon- 12.066@113.24
Blue Evo- 12.346@109.60
Porsche- 12.392@130.14
Challenger- 15.800@88.71
Caddy V-spec- no time
IS-F- 13.343@107.24
Mugen Civic- 15.302@91.11
Yellow S4- no time
Black vette- 10.775@131.41
FHT MKV GTi- 14.583@94.15
RX-7- 16.077@59.48
Evo X- 14.142@---
MKVI GTi- 15.426@92.77
Shelby Cobra- 12.931@105.83
GT-R- no time

Enjoy the video! More to come

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

GotHIDXenon? Meet the Official Car!

Heres a quick little vid I put together for my uncles car. Enjoy!
All HID headlights and fog lights (as shown in the video) are avaliable at:

Be sure to watch in HD!

Live Stream, Here I Come!


I've recently created a Qik account, this means live streaming videos. I plan on getting a HTC Evo soon, so live streaming will definitely be HQ. This will be great for dynos, 1/4 miles etc. Stay tuned!

Visit me on Qik:

I will still have plenty of youtube vids, but if want to see live streaming vids, be sure to check my Youtube channel, Twitter, or Facebook status to know when Im going live!