Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Homemade W/M injection

For the past 3 months, I've been running water/methanol injection on my GTi. Lets start with the basics:


  • More HP and Torque
  • The car hauls from anywhere
  • Cleans the cylinder walls
  • Cools your intake pretty nicely.
  • The methanol serves as an extremely high octane fuel, Its better than race gas because when you are idling or just cruising ur burning all that race gas. With w/m injection, you can turn it on only when your car is under load.
  • Allows for more timing
  • My homemade kit cost less than $200


  • Very hard to find methanol (I buy tons of HEET(the yellow bottle) and distilled water. Recently, I've been buying Valuecraft -20 nd add a bottle of HEET to boost the Methanol ratio)
  • I've got a relatively big nozzle so you go through the solution very quickly. The washer reservoir has a capacity of 1 gallon I think.

I put in about $145 into this (the pump, nozzle, etc). My uncle gave me a pressure switch (those shouldn't be too expensive). Those are the 3 big things. All the rest includes tubing, pump fittings, wiring, mini-clamps, relay; you can find these very inexpensively. Altogether, it was way less than the $470 Snow performance kits, or the $300 something devils own kit. I've got a vid below on what the whole mounted system looks like. Enjoy

According to G-Tec Pro: 258 HP at the crank (226 WHP) @ 40F ambient temperature.

I'll post up some data logs with the meth kit later on.

APR software

Back in December, I got APR software for my GTi, and all I have to say is wow. Power is smooth, and coupled with DSG, it is an amazing feel. Based on APR, numbers are about a 40 HP gain with about an 80 ft/lb increase in torque, with just the flash. For anyone thats sceptical, APR offers a 5 hr trial for anyone to test out what 250hp and 300ft/lbs of torque feels like. With APR software, the stock 12 psi is bumped up to 20psi (at least thats what I'm boosting at).

I'm very impressed at how well APR software works with DSG. DSG fully adapts to the large increase in power very nicely with the software. There are no hard shifts or stalling of any kind. Shifts are stock smooth and still lightning quick. Also, you still retain launch control after the flash. APRs software comes with free lifetime updates (if knowledge serves correctly), and there are different flashed to accomodate different mods.

APR has a few different "stage" flashed that reflect certain aftermarket mods. To use APRs stage 2 flash successfully, you need a downpipe. The software for stage 2 accomodates for the downpipe, and you see appropriate gains.

For the time that I've had APR, I've been completely satisfied. They have amazing customer service, and you can get valuable info from reps on different forums. Adrin@APR on the Vortex is a very helpful and educated person. If you have a question ask him.


A VAG-COM was undoubtingly the best buy I've ever made. Origionally, I bought it for the ability to clear codes, but there is so much more tht you can do with it.

VAG-COM is a diagnostic tool, similar to what the dealers use, with the ability to modify ECU coding. It allows you do enable/disable different convenient features. I'll post up a few helpful links later on.

If you plan on buying a VAG-COM, the best place to purchase one is . They have all the things you need for you car, and the have excellent tech and customer support.

When it comes time to order, you'll notice theres like 12 different things you can purchase. Basically you have to choose the Vag cable that will fit your car. You can find an application chart at The chart helps you determine the right interface for you. For example using the interface, I would choose the first link "VW Golf / GTI / Jetta / Bora / Vento / Rabbit". Next I'll use the 4 column chart to find my vehicle year (2007) an then look at the "Which Interface to Buy?" row. According to the chart, I have 3 Vag options, HEX-USB+CAN (USB), HEX-COM+CAN(Serial), and Micro-CAN (USB).

I bought a HEX-USB+CAN (USB). The difference between the HEX-CAN and the Micro-CAN is compatibility. Micro-CAN will work for basically newer model cars using the MK.5 Golf technology. The HEX-USB+CAN (USB) will work on cars back from the early 90s to present. Here is a chart showing the capabilities of each Vag:

So now you bought your VAG-COM, now what? Now that you have the cable you need software, but dont worry, its free ross-tech. Here is the link to download Ross-Techs VAG-COM software: Choose the software based on what VAG cable you purchased.

Now you've got all you need to start enjoying you new toy. Once you've activated your cable (using the instructions given at purchase) your ready to start tweaking.

Other helpful info from Ross-Tech:


Data Logging:

VAG-COM coding is a a very sensitive process, and things can go wrong very quickly. Coding that contradicts something can cause a whole process to fail. Be careful before you modify coding, take precautions like copying old coding before you modify it. I suggest reading online info before you jump into doing coding.

Check out some vids of some of my tweaks:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Got HID Xenon?

My uncle owns and distributes HID comversion kits, so I get all my lighting mods free :D. I've got some 6000K replacement bulbs for the headlights (since the car comes stock with HIDs), as well as 8000K fog light conversion kit. I decided to help out my uncle and make a sort of promo video. Its the least I could do, considering I get free samples. Hope you enjoy the vid.

By the way, check out his site:

Find your bulb size at:
If you guys have any questions and stuff, email me, I can try to answer your questions.

front view


Monday, May 18, 2009

My ride

So let me introduce you to my pride and joy...

In 2007, I bagged myself a the "new" GTi with all the goodies that a 18 year-old dreams of. 3000 lbs of innovation, style, speed, sportiness, class, and German Engineering greatness... all sitting in 18s.

People always ask me "what possessed you to buy a Volkswagen, its... its a Volkswagen for heaven's sake". They don't understand the magnum of the company that is Volkswagen. VW is not just the "hippie" van, or a buggy. Its German Engineering at its best. VW is responsible for other forms of automotive supremacy including Lamborghini and Bugatti, just two of the worlds finest. When other see VW, they see Herbie (that buggy from that Linsay Lohan movie), when I see VW, I see world class performance.

Anyway, on to technical stuff...

07 GTi Specs:

ENGINE TYPE: turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 16-valve 2.0-liter inline-4
Power (SAE net): 200 bhp @ 5100 rpm
Torque (SAE net): 207 lb-ft @ 1800 rpm

FUEL ECONOMY: EPA city/highway driving: 21–22/29–31 mpg

This car is really amazing. I've test driven a bunch of cars, from the IS350 to the G35, and the GTi felt that best. The thing about that GTi that stood out the most to me was the low-end torque. When you gave it some gas, you can feel that smooth power. With power coming in at 1800 rpm, turbo lag is basically not even an issue. Coupled with DSG, the GTi is nothing but fun, not to mention the fuel economy. I can enjoy nice power without destroying my wallet. Thats the beauty of forced induction, its so efficient.

But I didn't only buy the GTi for its charming looks and classy transmission. The GTi is notorious for its tuning potential, and if I'm having that much fun at 12 psi, imagine how much fun I'd have at 20 psi :D