Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Day at the Track

I got a chance to go to Raceway Park the other day in Englishtown NJ. I posted up a nice little vid showing off some great looking cars that I saw:

STi- no time
Evo- no time
92 Typhoon- 12.066@113.24
Blue Evo- 12.346@109.60
Porsche- 12.392@130.14
Challenger- 15.800@88.71
Caddy V-spec- no time
IS-F- 13.343@107.24
Mugen Civic- 15.302@91.11
Yellow S4- no time
Black vette- 10.775@131.41
FHT MKV GTi- 14.583@94.15
RX-7- 16.077@59.48
Evo X- 14.142@---
MKVI GTi- 15.426@92.77
Shelby Cobra- 12.931@105.83
GT-R- no time

Enjoy the video! More to come

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