Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Homemade W/M injection

For the past 3 months, I've been running water/methanol injection on my GTi. Lets start with the basics:


  • More HP and Torque
  • The car hauls from anywhere
  • Cleans the cylinder walls
  • Cools your intake pretty nicely.
  • The methanol serves as an extremely high octane fuel, Its better than race gas because when you are idling or just cruising ur burning all that race gas. With w/m injection, you can turn it on only when your car is under load.
  • Allows for more timing
  • My homemade kit cost less than $200


  • Very hard to find methanol (I buy tons of HEET(the yellow bottle) and distilled water. Recently, I've been buying Valuecraft -20 nd add a bottle of HEET to boost the Methanol ratio)
  • I've got a relatively big nozzle so you go through the solution very quickly. The washer reservoir has a capacity of 1 gallon I think.

I put in about $145 into this (the pump, nozzle, etc). My uncle gave me a pressure switch (those shouldn't be too expensive). Those are the 3 big things. All the rest includes tubing, pump fittings, wiring, mini-clamps, relay; you can find these very inexpensively. Altogether, it was way less than the $470 Snow performance kits, or the $300 something devils own kit. I've got a vid below on what the whole mounted system looks like. Enjoy

According to G-Tec Pro: 258 HP at the crank (226 WHP) @ 40F ambient temperature.

I'll post up some data logs with the meth kit later on.

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