Wednesday, May 20, 2009

APR software

Back in December, I got APR software for my GTi, and all I have to say is wow. Power is smooth, and coupled with DSG, it is an amazing feel. Based on APR, numbers are about a 40 HP gain with about an 80 ft/lb increase in torque, with just the flash. For anyone thats sceptical, APR offers a 5 hr trial for anyone to test out what 250hp and 300ft/lbs of torque feels like. With APR software, the stock 12 psi is bumped up to 20psi (at least thats what I'm boosting at).

I'm very impressed at how well APR software works with DSG. DSG fully adapts to the large increase in power very nicely with the software. There are no hard shifts or stalling of any kind. Shifts are stock smooth and still lightning quick. Also, you still retain launch control after the flash. APRs software comes with free lifetime updates (if knowledge serves correctly), and there are different flashed to accomodate different mods.

APR has a few different "stage" flashed that reflect certain aftermarket mods. To use APRs stage 2 flash successfully, you need a downpipe. The software for stage 2 accomodates for the downpipe, and you see appropriate gains.

For the time that I've had APR, I've been completely satisfied. They have amazing customer service, and you can get valuable info from reps on different forums. Adrin@APR on the Vortex is a very helpful and educated person. If you have a question ask him.

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