Monday, May 18, 2009

My ride

So let me introduce you to my pride and joy...

In 2007, I bagged myself a the "new" GTi with all the goodies that a 18 year-old dreams of. 3000 lbs of innovation, style, speed, sportiness, class, and German Engineering greatness... all sitting in 18s.

People always ask me "what possessed you to buy a Volkswagen, its... its a Volkswagen for heaven's sake". They don't understand the magnum of the company that is Volkswagen. VW is not just the "hippie" van, or a buggy. Its German Engineering at its best. VW is responsible for other forms of automotive supremacy including Lamborghini and Bugatti, just two of the worlds finest. When other see VW, they see Herbie (that buggy from that Linsay Lohan movie), when I see VW, I see world class performance.

Anyway, on to technical stuff...

07 GTi Specs:

ENGINE TYPE: turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 16-valve 2.0-liter inline-4
Power (SAE net): 200 bhp @ 5100 rpm
Torque (SAE net): 207 lb-ft @ 1800 rpm

FUEL ECONOMY: EPA city/highway driving: 21–22/29–31 mpg

This car is really amazing. I've test driven a bunch of cars, from the IS350 to the G35, and the GTi felt that best. The thing about that GTi that stood out the most to me was the low-end torque. When you gave it some gas, you can feel that smooth power. With power coming in at 1800 rpm, turbo lag is basically not even an issue. Coupled with DSG, the GTi is nothing but fun, not to mention the fuel economy. I can enjoy nice power without destroying my wallet. Thats the beauty of forced induction, its so efficient.

But I didn't only buy the GTi for its charming looks and classy transmission. The GTi is notorious for its tuning potential, and if I'm having that much fun at 12 psi, imagine how much fun I'd have at 20 psi :D


  1. I have a 5th gen gti too. It really is a great car

  2. I just bought the MKV as well. I am still breaking in the engine. I can't wait to really drive the car after the break in period. I am already researching the APR Stage 1 upgrade. I am afraid if i get that, it will void my warranty or the dealership will always blame the upgrade for any problems.