Wednesday, May 20, 2009


A VAG-COM was undoubtingly the best buy I've ever made. Origionally, I bought it for the ability to clear codes, but there is so much more tht you can do with it.

VAG-COM is a diagnostic tool, similar to what the dealers use, with the ability to modify ECU coding. It allows you do enable/disable different convenient features. I'll post up a few helpful links later on.

If you plan on buying a VAG-COM, the best place to purchase one is . They have all the things you need for you car, and the have excellent tech and customer support.

When it comes time to order, you'll notice theres like 12 different things you can purchase. Basically you have to choose the Vag cable that will fit your car. You can find an application chart at The chart helps you determine the right interface for you. For example using the interface, I would choose the first link "VW Golf / GTI / Jetta / Bora / Vento / Rabbit". Next I'll use the 4 column chart to find my vehicle year (2007) an then look at the "Which Interface to Buy?" row. According to the chart, I have 3 Vag options, HEX-USB+CAN (USB), HEX-COM+CAN(Serial), and Micro-CAN (USB).

I bought a HEX-USB+CAN (USB). The difference between the HEX-CAN and the Micro-CAN is compatibility. Micro-CAN will work for basically newer model cars using the MK.5 Golf technology. The HEX-USB+CAN (USB) will work on cars back from the early 90s to present. Here is a chart showing the capabilities of each Vag:

So now you bought your VAG-COM, now what? Now that you have the cable you need software, but dont worry, its free ross-tech. Here is the link to download Ross-Techs VAG-COM software: Choose the software based on what VAG cable you purchased.

Now you've got all you need to start enjoying you new toy. Once you've activated your cable (using the instructions given at purchase) your ready to start tweaking.

Other helpful info from Ross-Tech:


Data Logging:

VAG-COM coding is a a very sensitive process, and things can go wrong very quickly. Coding that contradicts something can cause a whole process to fail. Be careful before you modify coding, take precautions like copying old coding before you modify it. I suggest reading online info before you jump into doing coding.

Check out some vids of some of my tweaks:

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